Our Horses


Jill Severn & Medley, eventing in 2006

Jill Severn & Medley, eventing in 2006


(18/10/98)16hh thoroughbred x warmblood.  Medley and Jill had great success eventing up to 2* together in her younger years.  Medley is a wonderfully kind and generous school horse and the favourite of many.  She has taught countless riders how to canter and jump, and is still out competing and going strong with her part-leasee Gail.


(1/8/2005) 15.3hh lusitano.  Charon has big, beautiful paces; he lives up to the Portuguese breed’s characteristics of being strong and flexible.  He is a master at teaching his students about collection and contact, and offers an elevated forward ride, which once collected, allows for a smooth and glorious cantering experience.




(1/8/1994) 15.1hh Thoroughbred x Australian Stock Horse. Annie is well schooled on the flat, uncomplicated and generous.  She is one of our all time favourite confidence-boosting rides for beginners.


(21/9/2004) 16.1hh warmblood x quarter horse.  Monte is one of our taller horses, but one of the favourites with our smallest riders.  He has soft gentle rocking horse paces that make learning to sit trot and canter look and feel easy.

Monte has successfully evented up to prelim (95cm) and is now part leased to Caroline who prefers to trail ride and work on dressage.




(1/8/2005) 15.2hh warmblood x thoroughbred.  Georgi joined Terrey Hills Riding School in April 2017.  She has been successfully campaigned as both an eventer and showjumper, and has the loveliest softest eyes that one can’t help but fall in love with.

Zippy Zac

(6/9/12) 16hh thoroughbred.  One of the youngest in the herd, Zippy retired from his racing career in June 2017.  Chosen for his kind and quiet disposition and uphill conformation, he is being patiently retrained as Lauren’s up and coming eventing competition horse.




(1/9/02) 16hh trakehner (warmblood).  Silvio is a highly educated school master.  Previously competed as a 1* eventer, medium level dressage, and 1.25 showjumper, Silvio now teaches riders interested in fine-tuning their timing and finesse.  Silvio is competed and part leased by Anita, who is enjoying developing her partnership with this talented horse.

Magic (aka “Brave Heart”)

(10/9/05) 16.2hh thoroughbred.  Lauren took on Magic in 2012 when he retired as a racehorse.  He has a divine temperament and endless desire to please his rider. Magic competed under the name “Brave Heart” with Lauren at 2* eventing and 1.20m showjumping until 2018.  Now retiring to a slightly less demanding career, in 2019 Magic will train and compete with Pascale.




(12/10/09) 16.2h thoroughbred.  “Hot Mustard” was a successful New Zealand born racehorse.  He had a reasonably long and successful career until his racing retirement in 2016.  Hottie joined THRS in March 2018 and has been slowly integrating into the school team.  Very naturally athletic and uphill conformation, he is quickly becoming a favourite for his riders.


(1/8/09)  15h arab.  Jasper is a registered crabbet arab.  He is kind, easy to handle and loves attention.  Jasper has done endurance and pony club before joining the THRS team in October 2018.




(26/11/12) 16.2 warmblood.   The newest team member, Gizmo is a performance bred gelding who has been selected to join Zippy as one of Lauren’s up and coming competition prospects for eventing and showjumping.



(27/9/94) 16.1 thoroughbred.  Zoffy was a very successful, brave 1* eventer with his owner Elissa, for many years.  Now in his more senior years, Zoffy has been retired from eventing and lives a simpler life as a school horse.  He is uncomplicated and exceptionally obliging.  A real pleaser!