Terrey Hills Riding School

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About Us

Happy people riding happy horses, Terrey Hills Riding School is situated in the peaceful semi-rural surrounds of the Terrey Hills/Duffys Forest area, just 40 minutes from Sydney CBD. 

Offering lessons, holiday programs, and trails on experienced horses, Terrey Hills Riding School caters for all rider experience levels in an encouraging and positive environment.

We offer a safe, social and friendly environment, where you not only learn and improve your riding skills, but also spend the time getting to know horses on the ground by grooming, saddling, and handling horses safely and effectively.

General riding instruction, dressage, and show jumping lessons; trail rides also available. 


Our lessons are aimed at teaching and improving riders’ understanding and techniques to be able to communicate effectively and empathetically with the horses they ride.  By improving the understanding and ability to communicate with the horse, both the horse and rider enjoy a positive experience.

We specialise in novice adult/ladies group, and after school children's groups (from age 9+).  Adult group sessions are 2 hours in duration and available on a casual or weekly basis, by appointment. 

After-school lessons for ages 9-16 are also run as a 2-hour program; sessions run fortnightly during each school term.

If you love horses, want to be with horses, want to learn to look after horses, and want to learn to lovingly ride horses, give us a call and book a session with us.

What we offer...

Adult Riding Lessons

Childrens Riding Lessons

Holiday Programs

Address: Terrey Hills Riding School, Anembo Rd, Duffys Forest NSW 2084, Australia