Riding Lessons


Terrey Hills Riding School caters for all rider experience levels in an encouraging and positive environment.  We offer group lessons and holiday programs on experienced horses.

We offer a safe, social and friendly environment, where you learn and improve your riding skills, and also spend the time getting to know horses on the ground by grooming, saddling, and handling horses safely and effectively.

General riding instruction, dressage, and show jumping lessons; trail rides are also available as part of our regular lesson program (please note we do not run casual one-off trail ride bookings; trail rides are conducted as part of our normal lesson program, based on group consensus and weather conditions). 

Our lessons are aimed at teaching and improving riders’ understanding and techniques to be able to communicate effectively and empathetically with the horses they ride.  By improving the understanding and ability to communicate with the horse, both the horse and rider enjoy a positive experience.

What to Expect

Riding lessons are two hours, and include catching, grooming, feeding, rugging and tacking up the horse as well as riding.  While the emphasis is on the mounted instruction, the rest is equally important, and gives the client an opportunity to better get to know and appreciate the individual horses.

A mixture of disciplines are offered, and ages 9+ are catered for on a variety of well trained horses.  After meeting at our stables and getting the horses ready, lessons are conducted primarily at the Duffys Forest Anembo Road public arena.  We mount at our stables and ride down the road and through a short trail to get to the arena to start the formal mounted lesson.


Adults Riding Lessons

Adult group lessons are available on a casual booking basis, Tuesday to Saturday - but not Thursdays. 

Lessons commence at 9:30am Tuesday to Friday, and Saturday lessons (for ages 15+) commence at 10 am and 12 noon.

Lessons start at $120 per 2-hour session.  Each 2 hour session included at least 1 hour riding time. Payment is due at the commencement of each session.  Lesson price includes GST.

Popular sessions fill early and get waitlisted; early bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment.

Weight restrictions apply; please note our maximum weight is 75 kgs.

Adult Horsemanship Lessons

By popular request, horsemanship lessons are also available. Horsemanship sessions are in-depth private or semi-private sessions, 2 hours in duration, aimed at spending more time understanding horse behaviour and communication. These lessons do not involve riding, but include a more detailed approach to reading the horse’s body language, how to handle and interact safely around the horse, how to understand what the horse is thinking, and how the horse is responding to your presence and energy. These sessions are highly recommended for everyone wanting to know more about how to interact effectively with horses from the ground, and are immensely valuable to those that may have had a previous bad experience and lost confidence as a result. Horsemanship lessons are $120 for 2 hours, with a maximum of 2 participants to one instructor. These sessions are available by advance booking (3-5 days notice generally required).

After School Groups (ages 9 - 16)

After-school lessons for ages 9-16 run as a 2-hour program, Tuesday through to Friday.  Sessions run fortnightly during each school term.  Students sign up for the school term.

Parents have the option of dropping off and leaving, or staying to watch the lesson.

Arriving at 4pm, the kids participate in grooming and tacking the horse in preparation for the mounted lesson. 

If arriving after school isn’t possible until after 4pm, we will get the horse ready so your child can join in the mounted lesson as soon as he/she arrives.  

Sessions finish around 6 pm.  In winter, our times run half hour earlier due to dwindling daylight, and sessions run 3:30 - 5:30. 

Lessons start at $130 each (includes GST).  Payment is due at the time of booking for the term.

For our cancellation policy, please see our Terms & Conditions page.



Holiday Programs (ages 9 – 15)

During school holidays, a 3-hour holiday program is offered.  Sessions can be signed up on a casual basis as a one-off, or multiple day/full week schedules also available. 

Half-day programs run from 2pm – 5pm.

Programs include horse management, grooming, and tacking, as well as ridden instruction and trail riding.  We also cover an array of other more in-depth topics to suit the age, experience and rider level; topics may include equine dentistry and farriery, first aid, feeding, lungeing, bareback riding, swimming, cross country riding, and all aspects of competition preparation (plaiting, washing, bandaging, transporting).

Holiday programs start at $160.  No previous experience is required. Payment is due in advance to book each session. 

 The next available holiday program is now open for bookings for July 2019.